How To Flush Gallstone Out Of The Body Naturally

Over one-half a million Americans have their organ, the gallbladder, removed each year. And about half of those people will live well and suffer no problems due to the cholecystectomy. The other 200,000 patients will suffer from side-effects the rest of their life because of the surgery.

Pancreatic cancer: Pancreatic cancer is a malignant neoplasm of the pancreas. Common symptoms include Pain in the upper abdomen, significant weight loss, Painless jaundice, steatorrhea, elevated blood sugar levels. Treatment of pancreatic cancer depends on the stage of the cancer. The Whipple procedure is the most common surgical treatment for cancers involving the head of the pancreas. It can only be performed if the patient is likely to survive major surgery and if the cancer is localized without invading local structures. Other treatment available is chemotherapy.

The gall bladder is an organ that holds bile in order to increase its concentration and delivers it when fat is consumed for easier digestion. While there is a long list of gall bladder symptoms, the most noticeable is jaundice.

Second we have the inflammation of the gallbladder. This can generate into an infection if not treated in time. It can cause a lot of pain and fever. If this condition lasts more than one day, the smart thing to do is see a doctor.

So, what are people seeing in the toilet that looks like gallstones? I have not seen any actual chemical analysis of these crystals, but my guess would be a component of the apple juice or olive oil that crystallizes in the presence of stomach acid.

1. Flush your body! You can begin your treatment with a water flush or a water-soluble fiber (fruits and vegetable) flush. This will allow your body to flush thousands of toxins and impurities which be part of the cause of the problem. We recommend trying this for 2 to 3 days depending upon your health condition.

* use more of the natural products that you already have in your cupboard such as - turmeric, this enhances the flow of bile, ginger is a great helper in the digestion of fats and of course fibre, we all know that fibre is one of the most important foods in the aiding of digestion

4. Vitamins are also important to a natural gallstone treatment. Vitamins provide the body with antioxidants and also give the body what it needs to run more effectively. One vitamin that should be supplemented immediately is 1000 mg of vitamin C a day. This vitamin helps the body convert cholesterol to bile which greatly diminishes the risk of future stones.

Do a gallbladder flush. During a gallbladder flush, 1-2 cups of olive oil are consumed to simulate the gallbladder into releasing bile. This increased demand on the gallbladder to release bile works to push the stones out.